Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Getting Back to 100% Through Physiotherapy

Don’t Get Sidelined

When injuries arise, we’ve all been given the same advice at one point or another in our fitness or athletic careers, “just give it some rest, take a break”.

Sure, rest will definitely help, but it will also set back your progress and mess with your metal well being. Not to mention, when you do return to activity, you will most likely be very tentative.

Active recovery through physiotherapy and rehabilitative services is the better option. It’s a faster road to recovery and will maintain the progress you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


Restore Your Mobility

Injuries have a bad habit of not only taking us out of action, but also reducing our range of motion when we do return to activity. The result, a state that is now even more prone to re-injury.

At the Sweat Shoppe, we approach physiotherapy with mobility as a central focus. Once we’ve returned your range of motion, we then strengthen the supporting tissues that most likely led to the injury in the first place. Our result, a stronger state of physical stability than before the accident.


Have you been living with a physical impairment due to a past injury and simply living your life around it?

If you answered yes, then you’re not alone, in fact this is how most people cope with injury. We at the Sweat Shoppe are here to tell you that you have other options and compromising down to simple coping is not the only possibility.

With our unique rehabilitative services, we can help return you to normal physical functioning and begin to start building strength to areas that were once deficient.