The Silver Bullet for Results is Nutrition

You Are What You Eat

It may be an age old adage, but it definitely holds true, and although it may not feel like it when you’re in the gym, the exercise is actually the easy part.

Nothing generates greater results, when combined with physical training, than a well planned nutritional regimen.

By manipulating caloric and nutritional inputs, we are able to produce positive outcomes that you wouldn’t believe possible, and in timeframe that you might think impossible.


Meal Planning

Nutritional planning is one of the main differentiators of training with the Sweat Shoppe versus other programs. It is also what makes our results stick over the long-term.

Every client undergoes a detailed assessment to both determine the client’s fitness goals, and to pinpoint nutritional opportunities to help accelerate progress.

Meal planning plays an integral role in how we facilitate client success.


Fitness or sport supplements often times get a bad rap, and at times, rightfully so. At the Sweat Shoppe, when we speak of supplementation, we are only dealing with food and scientifically evidenced-based products.

Why do we recommend supplementation protocols for our clients? because we can accelerate their results, often times in an easier and more controlled fashion than with whole foods alone.

We begin by identifying potential deficiencies in a client’s diet and make thoughtful supplementation recommendations around these findings.